My mixes are often described with a modern radio friendly sound. Punch , clarity great dynamic range and exceptional vocal treatment are qualities I tend to enhance in a song. I give my best in Pop Electronic dance acts and I have agreat experience in mixing recording orchestral stuff and acoustic music.

Mixing services start from 100 GBP.

Depending on the complexity of your session and work that is needed this will increase.

Feel free to contact me for a tailored quote


I will master your song using the best combination of digital plugins and analogue gear. Sometimes I will pass the audio thru my Studer master reel recorder for a magic touch form analog tape


I will tune, comp, produce your vocal track at it's best using a combination of different software to make your vocals sound naturally tuned with great timing. 


Podcast audio is generally poorly captured in bad environment and with cheap microphones. It can be enhanced terribly using a combination of powerful plugins. Check this example below

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